Entegrio Java Software Development Sets the Standard

Creating resilient software systems is critical to your corporate success. You need to know that the tools you develop will function properly even as your organization expands and the scope of your mission evolves.

Using Java to fulfill such demands could make it easier to optimize your usage of IT resources. Fortunately, the Entegrio workforce knows exactly how to implement the tools that meet your needs.

Is Java Right for Your Project?

Java has a decades-long history of organizational usage. Sun’s J2EE, or Enterprise Edition, environment and APIs are even explicitly designed for common business tasks, like manipulating Oracle and SQL databases, delivering web-enabled apps and creating distributed management systems.

Entegrio’s Java development is known for making the best use of your time and financial resources. This language grants your applications relevance on all major OSs and platforms, so the tools you create can essentially be executed on any system with minimal modifications or costly reengineering. In addition, Java’s adherence to structured programming simplifies the process of migrating legacy code to more modern implementations while retaining functionality.

The Java ecosystem supports a huge number of certified application servers, third party libraries and development architectures. Entegrio developers have accumulated decades of experience contributing to successful Java projects, which gives us the insight to demystify your decision-making process.

Relying on the Entegrio Methodology

Java’s original “Write Once, Run Anywhere” philosophy depends on whether the code you create actually works as intended in the first place. Frameworks like J2EE let you accomplish the same tasks in many ways. Your choice ultimately impacts how well your software achieves its goals. In addition to needing a clear vision of what you intend to accomplish, you require a development partner that can help you chart the smartest route to reach your milestones.

At Entegrio, we pride ourselves on building tools that do more than merely function. You may need a new interface for managing your supply chain, or you might be in search of a business intelligence tool that unifies point of sale data and feedback from your production line’s embedded systems. No matter what you’re looking for, we help you integrate real-world business information and software abstraction using techniques that work.

Our Java applications are known for being robust, portable and scalable. Even if you’re bound to legacy technologies, you can count on Entegrio to facilitate your forward progress.

Who is Entegrio?

The Entegrio staff includes 400 of the world’s most proficient software engineers, and they’re firmly dedicated to serving clients. Our methodologies are so innovative that we have one of the outsourcing industry’s lowest attrition rates, and this contributes to a workforce that revolves around efficiency and open communication. We’re a well-oiled machine like no other, and this gives us the capacity to build, service and expand Java tools in a cost-effective, transparent fashion.

Learn why so many enterprises trust their Java development to Entegrio. Get in touch today for your consultation.