Performance application and efficient networking are two of the many reasons that Entegrio’s engineers rely on C/C++ to create distributed applications, operating systems and drivers. When you need advanced network monitoring, recovery, security or compliance management on either Linux or Windows platforms, our engineers can provide you with solutions that will scale and interact effectively with other in-house technology.

Real-World Solutions

Programs in C/C++ are well-suited for those occasions when you need an incredibly light load, small footprint, low energy consumption and high reliability. Our more than 400 expert software engineers have decades of experience in creating high-performance applications with a great deal of built-in complexity. Our teams always follow best practices of coding standards and guidelines to ensure that your applications work consistently both now and in the future.

Mature and Stable Platform

One of the key benefits of C/C++ development is that the platform has mature standards and is incredibly stable. In addition, it allows for all levels of complexity in developing your customer applications. When you need an ERP, CRM, security software, web application or specialized software for the financial services or healthcare sectors, the Entegrio team will ensure that your requirements are fully defined before programming ever begins — allowing you to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether you are developing new mobile applications or upgrading legacy software, Entegrio is passionate about ensuring that your business software solutions will scale with your business. We focus on education, so nearly all of our engineers have advanced degrees in software engineering, computer science and related fields. When you are ready to tightly align your processes with your business goals, give Entegrio a call.