Entegrio also provides technological support services within other popular frameworks as well. This means your small-to medium-size company can enjoy top quality IT coverage from a team of more than 400 highly experienced software engineers. These other popular frameworks include the following:


Regardless of the size of your business or your project, Bootstrap provides responsive front-end development for designing mobile first initiatives. Working within this popular CSS, JS and HTML open source framework enables a business to scales applications and websites utilizing a base designed of a single code that interconnects tablets, desktops and phones with media queries from CSS.



Applications that are bursting full of features are supremely simple with CodeIgnitor’s powerful framework based on PHP. Elegant, streamlined and robust, CodeIgnitor provides superior performance within a small download that imposes scant few coding restrictions and boasts a lean library.


Adobe Flex

Encompassing desktops, iOS, Blackberry tablet OS and Android, Adobe Flex is designed as an open source framework that deploys flawlessly regardless of which browser is put to the test. Employing a model that is at once standards based while also keeping an eye on today’s modern demands, this programming language supports developers from diverse backgrounds.


Ruby on Rails

Often simply called “Rails,” Ruby on Rails is a framework that is designed to improve productivity and functionality. As open source software, Ruby on Rails keeps true to their mantra of making programmers happy since they emphasize convention over configuration. This model-view-controller interface makes it a snap to build web services and databases from the ground up.


Entegrio works with all the above frameworks — as well as numerous others — to provide your business with the key support it needs to have running in the background. Proactive, focused and highly intuitive, our dedicated team of software engineers lives and breathes framework code so your business can reach its goals and full potential.