Leveraging JavaScript for Your Next Project

JavaScript offers numerous advantages for modern web and application and development. Working with Entegrio development teams is the easiest way to take charge of this innovative language to create tools that run anywhere.

Entegrio Offers Unparalleled Latitude

JavaScript employs dynamic typing to decide what data actually means and how code operates at runtime. Data structures can easily be prototyped and cloned to create database-ready informational ecosystems. It even operates equally well in a client’s browser or on your server as you build complex, customized applications.

Entegrio coding teams let companies leverage these benefits and get critical applications off the ground faster. We’ve participated in countless successful projects involving:

  • UI and UX design and improvement
  • Client and server-side web applications
  • Mobile, desktop and embedded applications
  • Gaming, e-commerce and retail applications
  • Development of bespoke libraries and APIs

Forward-Thinking Results

We’re well-versed in a huge array of highly capable JavaScript frameworks that give your projects more staying power and keep development overhead under control. Here are just a few:


This open-source Google framework makes it easier to build, refine and test applications that revolve around single-page UIs. AngularJS facilitates unit testing, HTML data binding, MVC architectures, and cross-browser compliance, so it’s easier to create responsive apps that connect your users to the data they rely on.


This application framework lets you start off small and scale limitlessly. With the ability to get MVC apps running, employ application routing and invent simple components without having to modularize code, depend on build tools or create mock servers, it’s easier to test apps and implement productive development strategies.


Prototype facilitates simpler client-side programing by beefing up the browser scripting environment. A host of included APIs let you manipulate JSON, the DOM and Ajax techniques uniformly for more reusable code.


This runtime environment makes it easy to build apps on the server or even redefine the way the server itself operates. Known for running the same way on multiple Linux variants, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD and OS X, it’s the ideal backend for creating flexible, scalable applications.

Keeping Projects Profitable

With a team of 400 of the world’s top devs, Entegrio helps you make more intelligent project choices and avoid scope creep. We never stop testing, refining and optimizing until we know you’re satisfied, and our transparent workflows ensure the results are always worth the resources that go into them.

Take advantage of decades of combined JavaScript experience and industry-leading expertise. Contact Entegrio today for your consultation.