Creating flexible business processes requires technology that can grow with your needs, and cloud-based software scales effectively while allowing for quick shifts in strategy. The need to constantly innovate and adjust for business needs negates the older model of releasing software updates every year (or more!); instead, a cloud development model allows for smaller, incremental releases with critical updates on a near-constant basis.

Controlling Costs, Scarce Resources

Today’s reality is that margins are shrinking, causing technology teams to compress as well. Buying software in bulk can be much more expensive and may or may not reflect the needs of the business at any one time. Purchasing Software as a Service (SaaS) can help businesses meet these unique challenges, while offering a way to future-proof their business with new tech as it becomes available. Nearly any type of application is available in the cloud: from marketing automation and customer relationship management to accounting and collaboration portals–all subscription-based and allowing for continuous upgrades throughout the length of the service contract.

Benefits of SaaS

One of the most challenging dances that a technology team engages in is determining future needs for the business. A bad decision on an expensive technology platform can have far-reaching business impact, just as a great decision can allow your business to make great leaps forward. How can you be sure that the tools that you’re choosing are the right ones not just for now, but in the future as well? SaaS offers many of these benefits:

  • Internal IT focuses on the core competencies of the business; instead of on routine upgrades and day-to-day management
  • Working with a managed services SaaS suite can save significant time and money versus an on-premise solution
  • Service Level Agreements allow you to define the level of support that is appropriate for your unique business needs
  • Get online quicker when you don’t have to add hardware configuration into the mix–generally all you need for SaaS is a solid Internet connection
  • Cloud-based backups and recovery protocol means less stress and worry that you’ll lose critical business systems and data

Development Expertise with a Cloud Focus

Developing projects for SaaS is much more involved than projects that will only be deployed locally. At Entegrio, our project managers and engineers understand the unique challenges that come along with cloud development such as payments, subscriptions and customer data security and are well-versed in how to overcome them.

Our SaaS development team can help you with:

  • Platform strategy
  • User experience design and testing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Platform architecture
  • Development and testing
  • Migration from on-premise to SaaS

Successful development on SaaS platforms often requires that you rethink such fundamentals as your business model, payment methods, security levels and availability requirements as well as access for all types of devices. With our deep experience in SaaS development, Entegrio will ask the right questions through every stage of your project–allowing us to respond to the unexpected challenges that always occur as you deploy new technology.

Our Entegrio engineers have extensive experience scoping and executing SaaS projects that will create the future-proof business infrastructure that allows your business the space to innovate and change the game.