Database Design, Development and Management

Regardless of the complexity of your data and other information, database design as well as database development need to support it. Entegrio brings the experience and talents of more than 400 top-notch software engineers to your business. In addition, our services include the maintenance of your database as well as data migration. In order to serve our clients’ needs in the most complete manner, we offer the following reliable and robust applications:


As an object-relational database, Oracle is one of the biggest names in the industry. A closed-source solution, Oracle offers those businesses who use Unix a secure method of organizing their important data.



As open-source software, MySQL is the most popular solution of its kind for businesses. Not only does it provide superior ease of use for its users, MySQL also offers exceptional reliability and speed — two cornerstones of business practice that help ensure success. This is why many of the largest global businesses trust MySQL to power their crucial business functions and heavily-trafficked websites.



For your “big data,” back-end integration and ecommerce website challenges, PostgreSQL offers a vigorous open-source option for database design and management. In addition to offering a superior level of customization, PostgreSQL also provides support for some of the world’s most popular programming languages including Python, Java, Ruby and its own dedicated language, PL/pgSQL.



As an open-source database, MongoDB offers many of the same benefits that other database solutions that Entegrio works with offer. One primary difference, though, is that it doesn’t use the table-based approach that is traditionally found in the industry. Instead, it uses dynamic schemas that allow for more seamless integration of data when it comes to certain types of applications.


Entegrio offers a wealth of experience, expertise and technological knowledge. Working closely with each of our clients, we craft a customized approach to database management and development that is designed to support your operations, increase productivity and bring your goals into sharper focus. Contact us today to learn more.