Building Future-Proof Web Applications with PHP

When your organization needs a cost-effective yet secure application, PHP is one of the most popular for its flexibility, simplicity and efficiency of development. When used as part of a LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP), PHP provides developers with a familiar framework for building business-critical applications as well as web applications, blogging and eCommerce platforms. Scalable and stable, PHP powers more than 80% of the Internet and is a popular alternative to commercial software development platforms.

Our PHP Experience

Dynamic and high-performance web applications require solid architecture, interoperability with other systems and the ability to quickly scale based on demand. Entegrio developers and engineers have experience with a wide range of PHP frameworks, including:

CakePHP: Fast and flexible templating, validation, caching and localization. Created with an MVC architecture, CakePHP is the choice of many who are interested in rapid development and deployment.

Zend: Uses PHP 5.3+ to develop web applications and services with 100% OOC as well as heavy utilization of namespaces, lambda functions and closures.

Symfony: An incredibly stable framework with the flexibility that allows developers to embrace interoperability with other software building blocks.

Yii: A lightweight application that is best suited for high-traffic applications such as content management, eCommerce platforms and portals–anywhere that speed is of the essence.

Our Services

Finding the right development team can be challenging. With thousands of hours of development time and hundreds of engineers and developers, Entegrio has the extensive experience needed to support your organization in everything from rapid prototyping and website development to support, maintenance, migration and customization of open source web apps. Whether you’re looking for eCommerce, CRM, CMS or eLearning systems, Entegrio has the knowledge and the experience to make your next PHP project a success.